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GENEVACCORD ADR SA commissioned to provide an introduction to mediation for 17 applicants

7 April 2016

GENEVACCORD ADR SA has been commissioned by the International Court of Mediation and Arbitration, Paris (CIMEDA) to provide an introduction to commercial conflict mediation for 17 enrolled applicants.

A two-day information session will be held in Paris on 7 and 8 April. The aim is to give the participants an understanding of conflict mediation and basic theoretical and practical knowledge for its use in the commercial domain.
The programme will therefore combine theory and practice: the mindset, process and rules of mediation and the mediator's qualities and tools, interspersed with role play and simulated situations.
Supporting material, in particular extracts from the play "SWEET JUSTICE", will be used to illustrate specific points.
This introduction can then be built on with core training in commercial mediation.

GENEVACCORD ADR is very pleased to receive this commission, as it believes strongly in the
importance of initial and ongoing training for those working in mediation.