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"Mediation, an art which can be learned": a GENEVACCORD ADR and HEPL event

11 May 2016

GENEVACCORD ADR and the Higher Education Institution of the Province of Liège (HEPL) are holding a joint event on Wednesday 11 May 2016 in Liège.

This will be a day of training on the theme of: “Mediation, an art which can be learned”

The day will centre on the play SWEET JUSTICE, produced in Geneva in 2014, extracts from which will be screened for the very first time in Belgium.

The play will be used as an educational tool - for which it is designed - in order to illustrate specific aspects of mediation. Guy A. Bottequin will provide commentary on these extracts, highlighting all the subtlety and art of the mediation process.
Other speakers on the days include Justice Fabienne Bayard, President of the Commercial Court of Liège, and Michel Gonda, a lawyer specialising in civil and commercial law and an accredited mediator.

The day will be enhanced by role-play and improvisation, based on scripts and a production written by students specialising in mediation. The mediator will be played by Michel Gonda and the two conflicting parties by Carole Coune and Guy A. Bottequin.
A very informative presentation!

The day will qualify for 7 hours of continuing professional development.

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