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24 June 2016

The Institute for Mediation in French-speaking Countries (IMEF) and the Over Cultural Mediation Agency (OMA) are holding a seminar for experienced mediators to share and deepen their knowledge.
Aims: to improve skills and compare mediation practices. The theme for this first session is:

"To be or not to be a mediator? "

The four days of discussion will run from 24 to 29 June 2016, at the Château des Granges in Sully-la-Tour, in the Loire Valley, France.

The trainers, Thierry Bériault, Daniel Courbe and Évelyne Meissirel du Souzy, will run:
     - theoretical training sessions based on three themes: the mediator's analytical abilities, psychosocial elements of mediation, and body language as part of mediation;
     - sessions for discussion and assimilation of the theoretical concepts;
     - individual coaching on an issue of each participant's choice;
     - role-play where the participants will be filmed for group analysis.

The President of GENEVACCORD ADR SA will take part and strongly encourages you to sign up to this seminar, for which the key words will be: learning, collaboration and the exchange of ideas.