Geneva has a long lived humanitarian and mediative tradition. Furthermore, it affords the very mission of GENEVACCORD ADR a symbolic connotation. As the cradle of the Red Cross, Human Rights and the United Nations, the city is uniquely placed in the world of assisted international negotiations to host, on neutral ground, many peace centered discussions.

Geneva: a mediation destination

A beacon of the principles of neutrality and consensus which are the foundations of the Helvetic Confederation, Geneva benefits from optimal conditions for the mediation process. Safety, confidentiality, modern infrastructures and communication networks, abundance of interpreters are only some of the many factors contributing to an ideal setting for a constructive dialog. A symbolic place, Geneva is also strategically located at the heart of Europe’s 47.

Here or there ? Preferably here !

When considering GENEVACCORD ADR for a mediation project, the city of Geneva is a strategic evidence thanks to the inherent discretion of its citizens and journalists, a welcome shelter from the paparazzis.

In the event that, for any reason, both parties wish to meet elsewhere, the team of GENEVACCORD ADR is ready and willing to meet at any location of their choosing.