When compared to typical court costs, mediation is a far more advantageous solution.
Why ?

A traditional litigation can extend well into years while mediation is often a matter of weeks, up to a maximum of three months. Courts also represent an excessively high financial burden to taxpayers whereas the costs of mediation are the sole responsibility of the parties (either split equally or upon agreement).

Mediator Fees

GENEVACCORD ADR charges an initial processing fee, case specific expenses (travel, lodging, etc. when required) and a fee schedule based on full or half day rates in accordance with International Chambers of Commerce fee schedules.

Individual contributions

Usually and unless otherwise noted, the total cost of mediation is to be split equally between the two parties. Alternative cost sharing agreements can always be convened upon during the mediation process.
We require a set retainer fee for the initial account processing fee and the first mediation session.