Our foreign correspondents

To better serve our international clientele, GENEVACCORD ADR is continuously expanding its foreign correspondent network.
GENEVACCORD ADR often calls upon this network to develop the continuing education programs as well as the Research Academy and at times, to assist on co-mediation projects.

Sylvie Adijès  Esquire- Mediator - Consulting Instructor in reasonable negotiation, conflict management and mediation

Sylvie AdijèsForeign correspondent in Paris, France
Expert in alternative dispute resolution such as negotiation and collaborative law.
Professional mediation facilitator since 1995 with over 400 settled cases to date in 2013.
Areas of expertise and special interests: Inter and intra-corporate mediation with focuses on discrimination, harassment, abuse and employee relations. Couples and family (last wills, trusts, estates, etc.), real estate and condominiums.
Also specializes in Business Interventions to create both, formal and informal, internal mediation structures.

Certified educator at the Mediation and Arbitration Center of Paris (CMAP), the Expertise, Arbitration and Mediation Institute (IEAM), the National Conservatory of Arts and Craft (CNAM) in Paris and Montpellier, University Paris XII, the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN).
Former litigation attorney (18 years experience) with the Paris Bar Association.

Eric Battistoni   Magistrate, Mediator, Mediation Instructor

Eric BattistoniForeign correspondent in Verviers / Liege, Belgium
Judge at the Labor Court in Verviers, specializes in individual relations law, social security law and debt management law.
Debt mediation expert.
Program Chief of the “ 90 Hour Seminar of organizational mediation “ at the Haute Ecole Libre of Mosane (Liege) and the Institut de la Mediation dans l'Espace Francophone (IMEF).
Program Chief of Franco-Belgian lecture “Written Judiciary Communication”.
Law Professor at the University of Artois, Douais (France).
Lectures on “ Conflict and behavioral mediation and regulation”.
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Stephen Bensimon Professor, Mediation Educator, Lecturer, Mediator

Stephen Bensimon

Foreign correspondent in Paris, France

Director of the Mediation & Negotiation Formation Institute (ICP University) IFOMENE.
Negotiation and Rhetoric educator and keynote speaker at the School of Political Science, Paris.
University diploma in Mediation.



Thierry Garby  Esquire, Umpire, Mediator, Mediation Instructor

Thierry GarbyForeign correspondent in Paris, France
Founder of the company “Resolvers, Negotiation and Mediation”
Lawyer at the Paris Bar since 1972, specializing in international business law.
Published “Sachez négocier” in 1991 as part of a Harvard University study.
Renown expert in alternative dispute resolution methods, he published “La gestion des conflits” in 2004.

Developed mediation skills at the Bruxelles Bar, the Paris Bar, the World Intellectual Property Organization (OMPI) and Harvard Law School.
Internationally recognized mediator certified by the International Mediation Institute.
Founder of the Global Forum of Mediation Centers.
Official mediator of the World Bank and currently the only Frenchman to hold the distinct title of Fellow at the International Academy of Mediators.

Beatrice Schulz  Philologist, Consulting Instructor in communication and creativity, Researcher and Professor

Beatrice SchulzForeign correspondent in Munich, Germany
Mediator in training
Collegiate and extra-collegiate level teaching in Frankfurt, Sarrebruck, Munich.
Researcher at the French National Scientific Research Center (CNRS).
International colloquiums organizer.
Instructor and coach in languages and communication (commercial and institutional).
German, French (11 years in France), English (Cambridge First Certificate, B1/2), Portuguese (A 2)
of the DAAD, the European Council and the Gulbenkian Foundation in Paris.
Translation Award
from the DVA-Stiftung for scientific translation.

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Elisabeth Schmitlin Family Mediator

Elisabeth Schmitlin
Foreign correspondent in Paris, France.

State diploma of family mediator - IFOMENE - ICP - Paris.

Family mediator in prison settings - prison of Amiens (F).

Frequent involvement in mediation training.

Founded a mediation association called "Médiation Opportunités et Perspectives" Paris, France.