GENEVACCORD ADR offers basic training in commercial mediation, as well as specialized training.
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An innovative training programme

GENEVACCORD ADR provides training materials and ongoing training to candidates mediators, arbitrators, experts and other independent third parties.
These specific programs are resolutely turned towards the practice and effectiveness of mediation. The aim is to promote ownership of mediation techniques to sensitize managers of institutions, administrations and enterprises to mediation.
GENEVACCORD ADR also trains internal company mediators that can rely on external  GENEVACCORD ADR mediators for advice and direct interventions.

Basic training in commercial mediation

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Specialized training:
Verbal and nonverbal communication applied to mediation

In conflict mediation, even more than in any other field, we must work on and master our posture, bearing, gaze, body language and everything which goes to make up non-verbal or para-verbal communication.
We must learn to control our bodies, to speak with our bodies, sometimes remaining intentionally silent, and to master the art of body language.
As a professional mediator our attitude will be interprested by both parties, whether consciously or unconsciously.

A partnership with FG Communication
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